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Secular and Nationalist Jinnah

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Author: Dr Ajeet Jawed, PhD 
Publ: Oxford University Press, USA 
ISBN-10: 0195476743

Mohammad Ali Jinnah is the most misunderstood and misrepresented figure in the political history of the subcontinent. In Pakistan, he is considered the 'saviour of the Muslims, protector of Islam and Islamic culture’. In India he is dubbed as an 'evil-genius, a die-hard communalist, a separatist, egoist, opponent of the freedom struggle, enemy of the Congress, particularly of Gandhi, an ally of the British imperialists and the one man responsible for the partition of the country’. The real facts about Jinnah are suppressed by both Indian as well as Pakistani historians.

The truth is that Jinnah was an uncompromising enemy of foreign rule from the very inception of his political career. He was a patriot, a secular nationalist, and an advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity. He fought for Indian interests in the Imperial Legislative Assembly more vigorously than any other Indian representative. He refused any title from the British and struggled for united India for forty years of his life. He resisted for long the proposal of partition and sought fair play and safeguards for the Muslim minority in united India and when Pakistan was won he advocated the same for the Hindu minority.

Secular and Nationalist Jinnah questions many of the myths that have grown round Jinnah's role in the freedom movement and reveals his true character to readers around the world.





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