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Goma United - A Rise for a Cause

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The Goma is a community in ‘scatter’ without particular identifiable location of communal residence; and they can be found all over East and Central Africa. Due to this scatter, they have, for the last six years been pursuing their common ancestry, and are now focusing on economic and education empowerment.

In 2006, Goma United was founded as a cultural movement concerned with the scatter of the Goma community, and with a desire to create a closer link of the different Goma sub-clans. The first ‘link’ took place in 2007 at Obama village – Awendo. This meeting endorsed the formation of Goma United to pursue common education, social, cultural, spiritual and economic opportunities for her members.

Origin and Movement: The history from 1425 traces Goma origin with Ramogi in Aswan, Egypt. He had four brothers; Dinka, Jie, Alur and Adhola born to Ramogi and his wife, Akumu.
Ramogi, their father later moved his family to Bahara Gazil, Northern Sudan. Goma and Dinka later moved to Southern Sudan leaving their father with the rest of the family in the North. Goma left his brother Dinka and moved to Uganda and lived within the Babito Kingdom with his five sons.

Goma became a great nation, and after the fall of the Babito Kingdom, the ‘scatter’ of his five sons began. Nyandong and Nyawira left to Eastern Congo in search of pasture, where they settled and named it Goma. The sons of his second wife, Nyagol, Agwnga and Ojwanga moved southwards to a place they called ‘Pakwach’ due to the existence of many leopards there. A group later moved near Tororo, Uganda.

Some of the Goma sub-clan, Nyagol, can be traced to India. The movement of the Nyagol sub-clan to India could be attributed to the slave trade, business ventures and or world wars. The other sub-clan moved to Kenya and settled at Got Ramogi; where the movement spread further south to Tanzania – Kigoma. Another Goma sub-clan moved north along the River Nile to Ethiopia and some of the North African countries.

In the last six years, there has been the ‘Goma Search’ where the many sub-clans who have been identified are encouraged to gather. In August each year, the Gomas hold a conference for cultural and social education, as well as sports. This conference offers them the exchange of stories, history and experiences. Young people also receive the wisdom of the elders as they get to know their kin people. The conference also offers opportunity for linkage with other cultures and intellectuals who present well-researched papers to enlighten the community.

Leadership and Governance: Goma United is managed by the central committee composed of persons drawn from different branches with the chairman as the executive officer. There is an elders’ consultative forum which acts as an advisory board while the youth and women have their councils. The branch committees initiate, supervise and implement her programmes.

Vision: To be concerned and provide a platform for sustainable education, social and economic development of the GOMA community.

Mission: To continuously mobilize the GOMA community to plan and strategize together for socio-economic, spiritual and education development.

Motto a rise for a cause.


  • Respond to environmental challenges
  • Familiarize with clan historical and cultural background
  • Improve community knowledge on socio-cultural structures and norms
  • Organize seminars, conferences, meetings  and trainings to empower and sustain communal unity
  • Respond to the plight of widows, orphans, youths and vulnerable persons
  • Set up an education fund for fees
  • Establish an income generating investment for economic sustainability
  • Network with other organizations, institutions and government agencies for the realization of the set goals.

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