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Elections 2013 Special Edition

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So D–day is finally here! The much awaited Kenyan General Election will be held on Monday

4 March, 2013. This special issue of AwaaZ is dedicated to the participation of Kenyan South Asians and other minorities in the electoral process. It includes aspirants who have not only stood for political office and lost at the nomination stage, but also individuals who have participated in the administrative wings of the political parties. Given the very short time period available due to the tight nomination process we have tried to be as thorough and inclusive as possible. Any errors and omissions are entirely the responsibility of the Editors. Again, because of the time constraints, this issue is going out as an online edition. Included in this special issue is also a historical piece detailing the participation of South Asians in the legislature immediately prior to 1963, and in post independent Kenya. Other articles relate to the treatment of ‘black’ visitors in India, prejudices in Kenyan society and the ‘Piga Kura – Sio Mtu’ peace campaign at the Coast – one of the very many initiatives that Kenyans have organized to ensure a free, fair and credible election. We wish Kenya a smooth transition during the forthcoming election – and an outcome that will etch the ideals of social justice, reform, cohesion and nationhood into the guiding principles of a democratic and just Kenya. And so we end with words out of our national Anthem.

‘Oh God of all creation,

Bless this land and nation.

Justice be our shield and defender,

May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty.

Plenty be found within our borders.’

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Zahid Rajan and Zarina Patel



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