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DEKHA, WAMBUI, WANGARI (inspired by Wambui Mwangi)

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There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep, and still be counted as warriors. I think you thought there was no such place for you, and perhaps there was none then, and perhaps there is none now; but we will have to make it, we who want an end to suffering, who want to change the laws of history, if we are not to give ourselves away. --- Adrienne Rich

the greedy old men
live forever

the women who restore
rebuild replant

die in their fullness
in this wild
and senseless
culling, we

grieve with our labor
dream open-eyed
think back
into history think forward
into spaces
we will not un-see

nothing as easy
as comfort nothing
as false as certainty
only our voices
fragments in gale

cross, re-cross
continent to continent
spirit to spirit
lay down the only
true immortality
power lines that reach
for our courage rising
to their voltage

SHAILJA PATEL, 2011. All Rights Reserved


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