Cover Story

A Brief History of Political Cartoons

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  
Knife-edged and salient, there is no simpler or more effective form of journalism than the editorial or political cartoon. The message – usually critical – is instantaneous, and often funny.

Cartoonist R K Laxman

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  
For sixty years and more, men and women across India have been tickled and kindled by the cartoons and caricatures drawn by Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Laxman. His creation – the COMMON MAN – left politicians wincing in discomfort, government officers scratching their heads and the general populace in stitches.

Cartoonist Godfrey Mwampenmbwa (GADO)

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  
Eunice Luchera Kamaara and Naomi Luchera Shitemi (Editors) interviewed the cartoonist Godfrey Mwampembwa, popularly known as Gado. This interview first appeared in ‘Wanjiku – A Kenyan Sociopolitical Discourse’ published by Contact Zones, Nairobi to which attribution is made.

Calling Wanjiku

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  
‘The role of editorial cartoonist is to talk truth to power’ Gado Wanjiku is a common female name among the Agikuyu of Central Kenya. It is, indeed, one of the names of the nine Agikuyu clans that form the bedrock of this community’s heritage. However, the name Wanjiku has, over…