Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, 1928-2015

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  

Marjorie is no more, Kenya has lost a literary icon. But that is not all and perhaps not the most important. Kenya has lost a role model par excellence – a woman who rose above colour, creed and class to demonstrate, in her humble way, the true meaning of ‘humanity’. Marjorie was MOM not just to her children but to the countless Kenyans who crossed her path; and to whom she gave her caring, her generosity and full attention. Her unquestioning trust in human goodness was truly remarkable.

Having experienced in her growing up years two World Wars and the crippling economic Depression in the country of her birth, England, she came to Kenya in 1954 as a Christian missionary and remained a most devoted member of the Anglican Church until her death. Her first job here was as a bookseller in the CMS bookshop – so apt as her life revolved around books and literature. At the age of seven her first poem was published in the London Mirror and she went on to get a Master’s degree in Literature and foreign languages.

Chimusoro Sam Moyo, 1954-2015

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  

A tribute by University of KwaZulu- Natal

“We have lost one of our great comrades: utterly committed, a most unassuming scholar and an absolutely decent human being.” - University of Dar es Salaam Professor Emeritus Issa Shivji.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal offers profound condolences to the family, loved ones and colleagues of Sam Moyo, a UKZN Centre for Civil Society (CCS) Honorary Professor who died in New Delhi, India early on Sunday. Moyo, 61, was at the peak of his career, having recently presided over the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (2008-11). He had built up the Harare-based African Institute for Agrarian Studies as a leading site for research and teaching.