Twathiaga tukenete, tugacoka tukenete

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  

Twathiaga tukenete, tugacoka tukenete,

rugendo rwitu rwaari rwega tugithii na tugicoka!!

rugendo rwitu rwaari rwega tugithii na tugicoka!!

I am honoured to witness this significant event that is both a closure and a beginning.

The fate of the freedom fighters in Kenya has been extremely close to my heart.

As Prime Minister in the grand coalition government, I was privileged to discuss the fate of Mau Mau fighters with the highest officials of the British government.


September 12, 2015, Freedom Corner, Uhuru Park

We thank you dear friends for standing with us, for fighting with us, and now for celebrating with us. This day is like no other because it’s been long in coming - they say that the arc of history is long, BUT that it bends towards JUSTICE. They also say that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.