Twathiaga tukenete, tugacoka tukenete

Volume 12, Issue 3  | 
Published 01/03/2016

Twathiaga tukenete, tugacoka tukenete,

rugendo rwitu rwaari rwega tugithii na tugicoka!!

rugendo rwitu rwaari rwega tugithii na tugicoka!!

Our mission number 1 today is to congratulate the Mau Mau mass movement freedom fighters, who heroically through tears, sweat and blood, recovered freedom, justice and land from the British colonial regime of dictatorship.

Our mission number 2 is to thank the Kenya national government, for revoking in 2003, the colonial subsidiary legislation no 913 of 12-8-1950, which without justification, proscribed the Mau Mau freedom mass movement, terming it a dangerous organisation.

The revocation of that bad law enabled the Mau Mau victims of torture and ill-treatment to file a case in the royal court of justice in London, against the British government in 2009.

The case resulted in an out-of-court agreement, under which the British government agreed to pay the ill-treatment case victims; to issue a sincere public statement of regret on the torture and ill-treatment of Mau Mau freedom fighters by the British colonial government during the draconian emergency laws of 1950-1960; and to build a torture and ill-treatment of victims’ memorial monument, which we have come to inaugurate here today.

weendani uria ndonire, wa ciana na atumia, mboco yagwa thi makenyurana.

hoyai ma thaithai ma niamu ngai no uria wa tene!!

Our mission number 3 is to convey our gratitude to the board members of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, the staff including the tea makers, who never let us go thirsty when we visited the KHRC offices. It is fair to say that KHRC, in our considered opinion, fits the bill of human rights redeemer.

Our mission number 4 is to thank our local and London court lawyers, in recognition of the legal arguments they advanced on our behalf in the court of law.

Our mission number 5 is to thank all persons local or foreign, who sympathised and prayed for the success of our case in London.

It is just and fair to say that our observation in and outside the court in London, showed that the British young generation morally supported our case. It is a good gesture for the construction of reconciliation.

The Mau Mau were never terrorists, they were freedom fighters. They drew authority to fight from the entire population of Kenya, who were aggrieved by the dictatorial colonial regime.

twathiaga tukenete tugacoka tukenete!!

rugendo rwitu rwari rwega tugithii na tugicoka

rugendo rwitu rwari rwega tugithii na tugicoka

We the Mau Mau believe that negotiations and dialogues start from an individual homestead to international forums and are the mothers of all mutual agreements, the world over. We have examples to quote, to support that school of thought in the United Nations, E A Community, ECOWAS, etc.

Although we, the freedom fighters, have no ability to forget the atrocities committed by the colonial administrators and settlers against us, we sincerely believe, that our out-of-court negotiated agreement that bore this monument, will cultivate and nurse a healthy reconciliation process, between the Mau Mau, the British people and their government.

It is our dear conviction that human beings, wherever they live, at home or overseas, are interdependent. Each one of them is a condition to the other’s existence.

As we inaugurate this out-of-court agreement and memorial monument, our fellow brothers and sisters in arms, who missed the first case have a case pending in the court in London.

We appeal to you the British High Commissioner, to make recommendation that they also be paid, since they suffered torture and ill-treatment in the same way as we did.

Considering the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and the movement adherents, in recovering freedom and justice; and bearing in mind and soul the historical importance this memorial carries; we the freedom fighters patriotically urge the Kenya national government, through the cabinet secretary in charge of Museums, to gazette this monument to be part of the National Museums.

Let the Mau Mau spirit of patriotism live, for ever and ever.


Dr Gitu wa Kahengeri, OGW | Secretary General, Mau Mau War Veterans Association

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