ICC Witnesses

Volume 13, Issue 1 | Published 21/07/2016  

Witness 120

In this time of fear called peace

In this place of dying called vision


We have chosen

To survive


Witness 95

Say their names:

Ali, Ben, Susan, Beatrice, Lucy


Say their names:

Brother, Friend, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend


Say their names:

Kiptoo, Onyango, Achieng’, Nyambura, Cheruiyot


Say their names:

missing, burned, raped, decapitated, insane


Say their names:

scared, criminalized, hated, feared, intimidated


Say their names:

forgotten, erased, error, error,error


Witness 88: Vulture VeeVIKAA

Yenyewe Sir God hutujalia jo.

kama si ukame au wanadamu 

kufanya vita wenyewe 

hatujawahi kufa njaa


Sielewi. labda ni sacrifices 

wanatolea mashetani yao.


Kama ni sisi tunafaidika, 

labda ni sisi wanaombea?


Witness 19

Mambo yametulia sasa

* * *

You can find all these poems, and many more, online at iccwitnesses.tumblr.com

A lion named Mohawk

Volume 13, Issue 1 | Published 21/07/2016  

A lion named Mohawk said "Hark!

This SGR's eating my park!

I'll go tell GoK so."

KWS laid him low.

Please China, come build us an ark.

- - -

Shailja Patel




Volume 13, Issue 1 | Published 21/07/2016  


By Grandmaster Masese

Your touch my babe-ski
Reminds of the Vodoski
That I sip every dusk
Join me in my booze-ki
Feel my love-o, gentle as juice-o
Take my hand-o, in you heart-o Let's tie the knot-o,
walk me on the aisle
Then I buy you the Poncho
When in the house-o
Call aloud Dennis-ki
Then I shall call you you Chels-ki
My love for you is great-o
I shall take you to state-o
Like my bottle of Vodoski
You're miss universe-o
And I am your mister right-ki
I let every damsel-o
To know you my cello
And if you cause chaos-ki I will say to them, shizel-o
Stop being the rebel, I am your babe-ki

(C) Dee Dee M,Ma


*Dennis Dancan Mosiere aka Grandmaster Masese