By Grandmaster Masese

Your touch my babe-ski
Reminds of the Vodoski
That I sip every dusk
Join me in my booze-ki
Feel my love-o, gentle as juice-o
Take my hand-o, in you heart-o Let's tie the knot-o,
walk me on the aisle
Then I buy you the Poncho
When in the house-o
Call aloud Dennis-ki
Then I shall call you you Chels-ki
My love for you is great-o
I shall take you to state-o
Like my bottle of Vodoski
You're miss universe-o
And I am your mister right-ki
I let every damsel-o
To know you my cello
And if you cause chaos-ki I will say to them, shizel-o
Stop being the rebel, I am your babe-ki

(C) Dee Dee M,Ma


*Dennis Dancan Mosiere aka Grandmaster Masese

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