Witness 120

In this time of fear called peace

In this place of dying called vision


We have chosen

To survive


Witness 95

Say their names:

Ali, Ben, Susan, Beatrice, Lucy


Say their names:

Brother, Friend, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend


Say their names:

Kiptoo, Onyango, Achieng’, Nyambura, Cheruiyot


Say their names:

missing, burned, raped, decapitated, insane


Say their names:

scared, criminalized, hated, feared, intimidated


Say their names:

forgotten, erased, error, error,error


Witness 88: Vulture VeeVIKAA

Yenyewe Sir God hutujalia jo.

kama si ukame au wanadamu 

kufanya vita wenyewe 

hatujawahi kufa njaa


Sielewi. labda ni sacrifices 

wanatolea mashetani yao.


Kama ni sisi tunafaidika, 

labda ni sisi wanaombea?


Witness 19

Mambo yametulia sasa

* * *

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