Tanzania’s Magufuli: An Enigma?

Volume 13, Issue 1 | Published 21/07/2016  

By Sabatho Nyamsenda

Once again, Tanzania has got a president who is the envy of the world. Like that of Julius Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli’s popularity has gone global. ‘Where did this guy pop up from?’ a Ugandan fan of Magufuli asked in a face book commentary, after he had requested Tanzanians to lend them Magufuli for a week to fix Uganda.

Dr Mulji Modha 1939-2016

Volume 13, Issue 1 | Published 21/07/2016  

Mulji Modha, one of the world’s leading authorities on crocodiles, passed away in February 2016, in Winnipeg, Canada. He was born in Kakira, Uganda, in 1939. Shortly thereafter, his family returned to India for a year where he would herd cows and buffaloes at the family farm in Rozda, Gujarat. Due to better opportunities in Kenya, his father moved the family back to East Africa to the little coastal village of Ramisi, south of Mombasa.

The House That J M Desai Built

Volume 13, Issue 1 | Published 21/07/2016  

Gazetted in 2008, degazetted in 2016 as a national monument – the house is now threatened with demolition. Situated in Second Avenue Parklands, Nairobi, it is home to a spirited period in our long struggle for independence.  It is where, on the eve of the Lancaster House conference, African and Asian nationalist leaders met to chart out their strategies for the best way forward. It is where sympathetic members of the British Parliament stayed on their visits to colonized Kenya; and young politicians like Mwai Kibaki, Raila Odinga and Tom Mboya interacted with their elders. From Mwalimu Nyerere to Indira Gandhi, all have partaken of the hospitality of J M Desai and his wife, Sushila. Great history pervades this house.