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Nai Ni Who? Walking Tour

Volume 13, Issue 2  | 
Published 28/11/2016

In partnership with the Godown Arts Centre

Forty hikers (a few from Eastleigh but most from beyond) assembled in St Teresa’s church on Saturday, 16 July and then set off to see and experience Eastleigh.

The tour was organised as part of the Go-Down Art Centre’s ‘Nai Ni Who’ initiative. Abdulahi Nur was our very able guide who led us down the historical streets of the neighbourhood; narrated stories about the early mosques, schools and nursing homes and the political leaders who lived in the area; and showed us the colourful street markets.  A glass of camel milk and a tasty biryani lunch acquainted us with delicious cuisine and the vibrant and friendly society of Eastleigh.