Nuru Bahati Shukrani’s fine hands introduces to the world a man whose heart is a child. His unswerving dedication and wit construct surreal imagery that evokes emotions in people. In this phenomenal collection he has managed to reflect a diverse range of artistic pursuits engineered to bring one’s brain to task.

Each of us sees the world differently. And often, what’s in your mind is what you see first. Our connection to the earthliness of being human by nature fetches our emotional nuclei to one root; love. Hence Nuru Bahati’s perceptive stab.

Scheduled for release on 4th September, his 33rd birthday, PEOPLE CHANGE, is an online exhibition surpassing present times while traversing the past to today. It’s work of art that offers personal interpretation, creativity and intuitive experience.

A world constantly battling the consequences of poor human decisions needs people with knack and skill to help it heal. That highly depends on our consciousness; the power and will to hearken to the intricate motion of events, of ourselves, of nature and energy. It is only by seeing beyond physical orientation can we renew mind and spirit - to comprehend what lies within.

Sail in thought through this striking assortment. The artist insists he did not name the pieces so as not to limit anyone’s imagination. Thank God for the freedom, because it gives you a chance to interact with his material from an untailored point of view. Whatever you interpret could mean something that awakes you. You are encouraged to free yourself through this.

Natively from Mombasa and practising his craft in Nairobi, Kenya, Nuru hopes to help each person converse inwardly with self at the meeting of PEOPLE CHANGE. The title was inspired by the strangeness and mystery of humanity. Indeed what we have made of this world astounds.

You may purchase these works including customized biro art by getting in touch with him on:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile No: +254 721 267 239

Twitter: @NuruBahati

Instagram: @nurubahati

Find more of his work on his Facebook fan page here:


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