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Volume 13, Issue 3 | Published 04/04/2017  

Allow me to share a chance experience in Switzerland which led me to profound musings about the influence of South Asian culture on our day to day lives. 

What now?

Volume 13, Issue 3 | Published 01/04/2017  

Come the end of the year and we start thinking about the next.  At the turning point of the midnight hour, the cry goes out `Happy New Year`! We dance and hug and kiss and wish each other well.  Beneath all the bonhomie lies a mix of emotions - of relief, regret, anticipation, fear, uncertainty – because while the year ending is gone, what lies ahead cannot be known.  Even so, the coming of the new year has historically and universally become a time for celebration, no doubt because its underlying sentiment is one of hope for a better future.  So what about 2017?