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What is democracy and what is it for?

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  
Demise of democracy. As we move rapidly towards the general elections, it important to reflect on the values of elections and democracy. Kenya became democratic at independence but Democracy did not last long. It was killed by the conspiracies of Jomo Kenyatta and Moi. An essential purpose of suppressing democracy…

Much to worry about as Kenya goes into elections again

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  
In December 2016, Mkenya Daima, an entity of Kenya’s private sector, convened a conference in Kwale to which they invited all the leading political actors in the country to sign a pledge that they would carry out peaceful campaigns during the 2007 elections. While President Uhuru Kenyatta attended the conference…

One person one vote: is that all? Do we need it?

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  
Yash Ghai is fond of saying—and he is not alone—‘The trouble with democracy is elections’. International IDEA in Stockholm —the intergovernmental organisation with special expertise on elections—plans a seminar on ‘Does political participation need political parties and representation?’ Someone in the constitution drafting body in the Solomon Island says that…
Election hacking is making headlines. In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the United States, a growing trove of evidence indicates Russia’s role in swaying the American election. Other evidence suggests that Russian hacking may also play a role in key European elections. There has even been suspicion of…

Elections, freedom and democracy

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  
Democracy is said to be a universally admired. Actually it is relatively new and there are many alternative views on how democracy should be organised. For the ruling elite across the world democracy is equated with elections every five years, when the majority of the population are given a limited…

Africa, democracy and elections; a critical perspective

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  
Almost 2,000 public officials will be elected by Kenyans in August. These include the president, senators, county governors and members of the national and county assemblies as well as women county representatives. The elections are considered as one of ‘the five African elections to watch out for in 2017’. Concerns…

Kenya Elections from a theoretical and global perspective

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  
Introduction. I limit my contribution to making some general observations of a theoretical nature. That, hopefully, would provide a broader historical and global perspective to the forthcoming elections in Kenya on issues of electoral politics and state policies. The base and the superstructure There are many things that Karl Marx…

Determining the destiny of Kenya

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 07/07/2017  
(TKO) First published in The Kenyan Weekly

What have elections to do with freedom?

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 09/07/2017  
As Kenya heads for elections for the 12th parliament in August 2017, it seems pertinent to reflect on the nature of elections and to consider the extent to which elections can be a pathway towards freedom, emancipation, justice and human dignity. These are lofty goals, I admit, but if elections…