Special Feature

Living Memories in our midst

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  


Tucked away in villages in various Kenyan counties are old men in their sunset years. Some are grandfathers and some are grand uncles who fought in the Second World War. Unfortunately many of these wazee have passed on to the next life without sharing their stories with the succeeding generations. It is not about passing judgement or the lack of conviction on our part as Kenyans - these men  and  women are important because the founding story of Kenya is invested in them.  Although we have the Kenya National Archives as a custodian of many records and documents about Kenya, most are of colonial origin.  These wazee hold the living memory of Kenyan history.

This story is dedicated to the South Sudanese 4 who are being held in illegal detention for the last two years and all other prisoners held in South Sudan.

Hello Muthoni, my dear wife, I know you have been wondering why I have not come home for the past two years, why I have not called you or written to explain why I suddenly went silent. It was not my wish. It has been due to the circumstances beyond my control. I was arrested and sentenced to a life term, without trial in any court. Until now I don’t know my crime. My jailers are only accusing me by saying that ‘this Kenyan is bad’. Fortunately, this is the first time I am getting an opportunity to write. So, let me write to you and explain all that has been happening.

FREE The South Sudanese Four!

Volume 14, Issue 1 | Published 03/07/2017  

Friday, 29 May 2015 is a day families of four Kenyans working in Juba will never be able to forget. Boniface Chuma, Ravi Ghaghda, Antony Keya and Antony Mwadime were arrested by National Security in South Sudan while working for a company called Click Technologies. None of them were given the reason for their arrest nor were they able to communicate to any family members where they were being taken.