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Elections 2017

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 26/10/2017  
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Post-colonial Kenya has had four key moments of democratic renewal and optimism. The repeal of Section 2A of the old imperial constitution birthed the return of political pluralism that ushered in the first multi-party elections in 1992. The second moment was the struggle for a new constitution anchored on equity,…

Evans Gichungu

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 26/10/2017  
I think every Kenyan at some point, should be part of a politicians campaign. It is a very eye opening experience. My journey into being part of a campaign team began when I considered running for office after attending a protest organized by Boniface Mwangi and civil society. I was…

Boniface Mwangi

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 26/10/2017  
Boniface Mwangi is a Change Maker and Leader who has spent his life fighting for justice for the ordinary mwananchi (citizen).
Last week felt like history repeating itself for civil society. It felt like Kenya had gone back to the dark days of one party dictatorship. The week began with a notification from the NGO Coordination Board executive director Fazul Mohammed, purporting to de-register the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC). This…
The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) takes great exception to a document circulating amongst the local media and various social media platforms supposedly from the Executive Director of the NGO Co-ordination Board, Mr. Fazul Mohammed who purportedly proceeds to deregister KHRC. This is sadly yet another chapter in attempts to…

Maraga might be the stone that the builders rejected

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 27/10/2017  
David Maraga, the future Chief Justice of Kenya, gave me my first job at his law firm in Nakuru, when I qualified as a lawyer in the early 1990s. At that time, corruption had engulfed the judiciary and was choking private legal practice.In Nakuru, cartels of lawyers and magistrates had…

Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu Press Statement

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 27/10/2017  
Monday, September 4, 2017 On Friday, the Supreme Court of Kenya spoke unequivocally for the Constitution and the rule of law. Its judgment in the presidential election petition is an unprecedented and courageous statement of justice that will continue to reverberate across Africa and the world. We applaud the courageous…

The Githeri Man

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 27/10/2017  
It felt like an eerie calm before a storm. We were in the midst of what was brewing up to be another disputed election. The NASA coalition leader, Raila Odinga had raised concerns over the credibility of the election process by tabling a hacking allegation. The response from Wafula Chebukati…
Following the August 8 presidential election in Kenya, one child was shot dead by the anti-riot police while playing on the balcony of her home in Mathare. In Kisumu a six months old baby was clobbered on the head by the police. The clobbered baby is still under the Intensive…

In our election: ‘Money talks. Integrity and ideas walk’

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 30/10/2017  
By Caroline Lukalo who was an Aspirant for the Dagoretti North Seat in the 2017 Elections. I have always felt that as Kenyans we are really good at being seen to do the right thing rather than actually doing the right thing. So, we are reviewing the education syllabus and…

Funny side of Elections

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 30/10/2017  

Reinforcing Stereotypes – A Grave Danger

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 30/10/2017  
This is a good time to realise the power of stereotypes and their role in the dehumanisation of others to the point of indifference in death. The narrative of Luos as ‘violent hooligans’ has led to a very subdued national response to their plight, because we figure that in some…

South Asian Aspirants

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 30/10/2017  
Hon Abdul Rahim Dawood Reelected as MP for North Imenti on the Jubilee Party ticket Born in 1964 and lived his early days in a place called ‘Makerere Village’ which is presently the Meru Muslim Primary and Secondary School. Both his parents and grandparents who were also born in Kenya.