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Letters to the Editor - Issa Shivji comments

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 27/10/2017  
Dear Jill and Zarina I just read your piece on the Presidential Proclamation proclaiming "Asians" in Kenya as the 44th tribe. Shameful! It is a shame on those who petitioned - it is even more shameful for the head of state who proclaimed it. In this day and age, and…

Letters to the Editor - Re: Awaaz Issue 1/2017

Volume 14, Issue 2 | Published 26/10/2017  
I appreciated most especially, Tandon’s points about the intact neocolonial state which is Kenya. I would love to hear more on the possibilities for a vanguard political party in EA in 2017. Did our window close on that possibility or is there still hope? I also agree entirely with Yash…