Tinga Tinga Tales

Volume 15, Issue 3 | Published 04/02/2019  

Kenya National Theatre September 2018

Reviewer: Diana Lee-Smith

Taking part in songs, dance and stories with larger than life animal characters coming from all directions and surrounding the audience makes Tinga Tinga Tales a thrilling show for children and adults. It has played to packed houses in Nairobi and was set to play in New York in October 2018, where it would be the opener for a festival at the New Victory Theatre.  Let’s hope it would be just as big a success with American audiences as it has been for Kenyans.

‘Queen Ranavalona hated Christians and many were burned at the stake or thrown off the cliffs. Christianity was denounced among the various peoples throughout southern Madagascar. In 1835 missionaries left the country fleeing the rage of the Queen. The campaigns lasted until 1857, four years before the Queen died. She began her rule in 1780.’

Beyond Safaris and Bollywood

Volume 15, Issue 3 | Published 05/02/2019  

We, my husband and I live in Goa, on the west coast of India. It is famous as a tourist destination, mainly for its beaches. In the past it was a destination for hippies but now we have chartered flights from all over the world, UK, Ukraine, Russia and Israel.

In the years we have lived in Goa I have again and again come across the myriad connections Goa has with Africa, mostly East Africa. Goa was under Portuguese rule and was an important port for the trade, which includes the slave trade. But not many people speak of these connections.