The Extra Judicial Killing of Jacob Kituku Kilonzi

Volume 16, Issue 2  | 
Published 06/11/2019

By: Haki Africa

Jacob Kituku was a matatu tout in Mikindani. A young man who had initially been employed at Nation media as a driver according to those who worked with him. He was later employed as a driver in one of the export processing zones commonly referred to as the (EPZ) in Jomvu. After a while he was sacked as a driver and had to look for other means of fending for his family. Depression and alcoholism got hold of him in this situation and resulted in him working as a tout offloading and loading of vehicles. He worked at the stage for some years until 30/4/2019 where he met his death while at work.

According to the police statement on that incident, the police claimed that they had persued him a as a notorious criminal in that village. A man who loaded vehicles daily and could be seen every day at the stage was now a notorious most-wanted criminal! According to eye witnesses the police officers in plain clothes came to the bus stage in Kijiweni on a motorbike and started shooting at the vehicle in which Jacob was working. They shot him in the presence of the passengers in that vehicle. Jacob and another man known as Simon Kinyua were killed that day in cold blood. The community and the colleagues of Jacob claim Jacob was not a criminal.

It’s believed that the man named Simon Kinyua was the man the police targetted, and killed Jacob by a stray bullet. The latter according to reports was a suspected criminal implicated in robbing several M-Pesa outlets at gun point. In the postmortem examination which was done in the presence of HAKI Africa officials, one police officer and the Police Oversight Authority a bullet was found in his body and presented to the independent police oversight authority for further investigation. The family of Jacob still cries for justice to be done on one of their sons killed by the police.



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