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Such a moving tribute indeed! I have to confess that I had not heard of her but reading about her professional life as Nyerere`s personal assistant also brought into sharp focus Tanzania`s post-independence history of that period.

That she had all the right qualities and qualfications to make a mark in that context is clear from the obituary. The writer, Chambi Chachage, however repeatedly makes the observation that somehow her contribution has remained hidden, and I am afraid the same applies as far as her personal life is concerned. Apart from learning that she had studied at the London School of Economics, retired to Geneva after Nyerer`s death, and that her brother is called Mohamed Cassam, there are no other biographical details: when and where she was born and brought up, when exactly did she die, and her other family and personal circumstances. These would have given us a more rounded picture. This is not to criticise Chambi, for from what he has written it would seem that not much is known about this impressive lady`s personal background. Perhaps more may follow.