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It is 50 years since Uganda’s President Idi Amin Dada declared that Asians had to exit their homeland within 90 days! It was a move that ruffled feathers even in the neighbouring countries. During these 50 years people have resettled, others have adapted and memories have faded. The enduring impression is one of victims and their amazing success stories in their new ‘homelands’. But the story is in fact much more complex and nuanced; and in this era of global xenophobia, migration and identity politics; it behooves us to unearth the facts, learn from our mistakes and hopefully realize that we ALL belong to ONE humankind, a miniscule entity in this vast universe whose periphery we have only just begun to get acquainted with.

This issue presents a collection of writings which introduce the reader to a selection of differing views on the topic. Poems, book titles and drama further inform the reader interested in expanding their knowledge.

A must-see art exhibition has been that of Joseph Mbatia Bertier’s portrayal of Kenya’s downtown life and the wananchi’s view of the 2022 General Election.

The Editors