Past Cricketeers Re-Union 2023

Planning and the Team

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Team 2023 L to R Jasbir Singh, Subhash Modi, Sandip Shah, Zahid Rajan and Ketul Gutka Not in picture – Bharat Ghelani (overseas coord)

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Ketul Gutka Certificate

The Night: Speeches

Sandip Shah
Tom Tikolo
Kanu Rathod
Kanti Rabadia
Chief Guest Jacky Janmohamed
Asgherali Kassam
Tariq Iqbal

The Night: Special Awards

Sandip Shah from Kanu Rothad
Bharat Ghelani from Kanu Rathod
Subhash Modi from the Cricket Fraternity
NPCA from the Reunion Committee
Kanu Rathod from the Reunion Committee

The Night: Awards

Upcoming Cricketers
Past Cricketers

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Tributes & Reactions

“Thanks Mayur. Super to have taken and sent the photos. Also many thanks for the summary.Many thanks to Sandip committee and Shalini for organising. Venue good and high numbers. Food very good. Many speeches covering many aspects mostly of cricket. Good to see so many people with such passion even now. Keep it up! Mayur and Chapo brilliant sponsoring to make it happen! Others too. Sandip well done!!! Shalini was a rock! Maji was outstanding. A class MC. My table was super and Dhiru, CH, Durgi and Maji kept me occupied. With others whose names are washed in alcohol. Met many people and wow it’s been a while. Nasoor Tom T. Maji. Iqbal. Subash Modi….. many more. Many many people (incl in this group) were remembered and some revered. There were some photos put that would shock many of you (no idea how they were obtained !). All in all a good time. Honoured to have been invited and spent time. Special thanks to Mayur, Durgi, Dhiru and Singhe for ensuring I knew the importance of the event.
Cricket juu! To good health of all.“
– Prashant Shah Former Nairobi Gymkhana Club opening batsman who now resides in France.

“Sandip Maji modi & team solid well done
Amazing. Awesome. Mind blowing. Fantastic. Super duper. All cubs congrats. Prashant super well. Deserved achievement – very good recognition & appreciation among many others inc the coach Baiju Solid.
Very good speeches by Sandip & all others as well by Tom Tikolo. Great too see Sureshbhai Fulchandbhai Dhirubhai Prashant Durgesh Dipak Chapa Baiju Rajubhai limbani etc….
It really felt like our NM was present to bring the high energy
Cheers! Missed you all but overall fantastic.
A continuous improvement note – such events would be great at our Lords off Kenya – Nairobi gym. Missed Rhino too. Asante sana. Cheers.”
– Mayur Shah (Nairobi Gymkhana) one of the sponsors

“Sounds like everyone really had a good time reminiscing of the good “old” days. Shame I was not able to attend. Congratulations to the organising committee for doing such fabulous work behind the scenes. Keep it up one and all. “
– Arshad Sheikh

“Morning Mr, please in behalf of kenya groundsmen, we thank you and your commite to invite us in yesterday event. We enjoyed, we are happy for you people to recognize us as important people in cricket sports. Thank you once more.“
– Wilfred Atanga Grounds man

We are very thankful and happy for the first time groundsmen we have been recognized in a special way, this is very great to be with big men who are we ? to be honoured thank you very much and God bless you all the committee past cricket reunion and the sponsors.
– Nairobi Gymkhana present and former cricket groundsmen Moses, Humprey and Mwangi.

The program went very well. I have missed this wonderful ceremony. Will talk to you soon. Please keep in touch and let me know when you are coming to the UK. We shall definitely meet up. You will be my guest.
– Kanti Rathod Chairman of Cricket Tanzania Legends.

The honour bestowed upon me is most appreciated. Coming now in the winter of my life you will never fully understand how much it has helped to uplift me by filling me with long forgotten memories. Having played the game as it was then without the pursuit of personal riches I stand raised with your honour deeming my playing journey as justified. I wish your body well in other future efforts to applaud former players swept away by time from public awareness. It will always remain a most noble gesture.
– Masud Rana

The function was very well organized and the attendance was awesome. Humbled by your team’s invitation and decoration.Could be an idea to think of what can be done by past cricketers in raising the standards of the game with the first & quickest action being organising some matches amongst various groups with the finals being wazees trying out in a match.
– Tom Tikolo former Kenya Cricket Captain.

Well done, team. This is a very good example of prudent planning, execution, and dedication to a course. This leadership is what our mainstream cricket administration lacking.
– Tito Odumbe

Dear Ketulbhai,I am absolutely honored and so grateful for the recognition. Talk about an incredible moment! Our first B&S Tournament was incredible! Thanks to the dynamic duo Bhavisha and I make! Teamwork makes the dream work, and with that same spirit, we’re set to conquer even more dreams. This is just the first step on a journey of a thousand miles.Your trust and applause fuel my fire. I’ll live to cherish this achievement forever. Thank you once again and indeed a well organised event!
Warm regards,

Good morning Piyush Sawjano. Thank you so much for taking us to Down the Memory Lane. Your sentiments are very well presented and greatly valued..Thank you for doing the needful as requested. Once again congratulations on your well deserved honours and please convey our heartiest congratulations to all the worthy awardees at the Coast. Have a Blessed day.
– Subhash Modi Hon. Coordinator/PR0.

Dear Subhash Bhai & Sandipbhai. (Chairman),I do thank you from bottom of my heart to visit my home and honoring me with recognition trophy for my Scoring Career.I do feel privileged and proud.It was so kind and thoughtful of the association to consider me worth it.I do wish the association all the best in future endeavors. Keep the spirited job up.
– Pravin Fatania

This is to thank you and the organizing committee of Past Cricketers Reunion – 3 for honoring me as a retired umpire at the function held at GOLDEN TULIP on 26th August 2023.Keep up the moto in honouring upcoming players, past Cricketers, past umpires, past administrators etc.I wish your organization the best in future efforts in applauding former players etc.
– Lalji K. Bhudia

_My hats off to this magnificent group for keeping this reunion alive and honouring our famous cricketers. It’s a thankless job but they deserve being recognized for flying the flag.Cheers and all the very best.
– Norman DaCosta