No One is Too Small to Make a Difference

Author: Greta Thunberg
Publ: Penguin Books…

A few weeks ago, we started the Biology unit in science. My teacher gave us a brief on the topic we would be focusing on: Maintaining Biodiversity. She warned us that this was the topic that people scored lowest on in exams, which drew my attention to parallels outside of school, in the real world (shock!).

People remain, wilfully or not, ignorant of this issue, then echoed in our GCSE scores. But why, if what I have learned in my science lessons is true, is nothing major happening? ‘Why are we not,’ as Thunberg herself puts it, ‘acting as if our house is on fire?’ And why are so many people still ignorant?

Thunberg tells us that we must stop competing with one another. Our political systems are all about pulling one person to the top at the expense of another, all for power, and the people that want this power think it is in their best interests to have ignorant supporters. But as she says, ‘All that will remain of our political leaders’ legacy will be the greatest failure of human history.’

Thunberg’s speeches ask important questions, and answer them too. The information is complete and questions responded to in full, yet after reading them you feel the need to research the climate crisis in more depth.

One thing that could have been included was more information and sources. However, the concise, powerful language is effective without dragging on, essential in a speech. It is clear in her language that Thunberg is very passionate about the subject.

She tells us that ‘you are only interested in solutions that will enable you to carry on like before’, which is something that I believe hits close to home for most of us. We say that we want change, so now we must do something about this.

No one is too small to make a difference, and no book is too short to be worthwhile. This book is quotable in almost any situation; a testament to Thunberg’s skill in engaging the reader or listener.

We have to take action, even if we are not sure of a solution. As the poster on the door of my science classroom says: ‘“What difference will I make?” said 7.6 billion people”’. We can do something. We are doing something. Each action, no matter how small, is a part of this solution. Each one of us will save the world.

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