Volume 17, Issue 3, 2020

Main Editorial

Witnessing the Saba Saba marches in Nairobi this year, it struck us that there has not been to date (at least we have not seen one) a compilation of the experiences of individuals and institutions that have taken part in these struggles which have transformed the face of Kenya since the…

Regular column

People of Colour

US Election 2020: relax, the nightmare is over!  Not quite, not yet, alas. There is no doubt however that we have all been treated to a seemingly endless series of news updates, analyses, statistics, op-ed pieces and lofty pronouncements in the wake of the election which, by now, has become a fait accompli, even if bits of its process remain technically incomplete and, as at the moment of writing, Trump refuses to admit defeat.  And it is no exaggeration to say that during this ongoing saga we have also become familiar with the oft-repeated collective…

Letters to Editors

Great piece and a must read. Thanks AwaaZ Magazine for this well laid out Commemorative Edition. Somewhere along the line, there should be a Video Documentary of the same with short clips, not more than 5 mins, with a sprinkle of Sheng here and sheng there. Otherwise a great edition, and a rejuvenating Year-Ender! Paddy Onyango ——————————- Wow! Thanks. Have just logged in to see the formidable content and am about to read the first piece by my old fellow lawyer John Khaminwa – good to know he is still…

Special Feature

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Book & Film Reviews

The Trial of Chicago 7

Director: Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network) Year: 2017 Language: English Country: United States Running Time: 130 mins Genre: Historical Legal Drama The Vietnam War was fought for 19 years between 1 November 1955 –…

The Elephant Queen

Directors: Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone Language: English Year: 2018 Location: Kenya Awards: Nominated for Best Science/Nature Documentary and Best Narration at the Critics Choice Movie Awards in 2018 and for outstanding narration at the…

Worlds Apart

Release date: December 2015 Director: Christoforus Papalaliatis Running time: 113 minutes Languages: English and Greek (with sub-titles) Website: http://www.worldsapartfilm.us/ Well-narrated Love Stories are hard to come by, but Worlds Apart…


Emma Gama Pinto [nee Dias] 1928 – 2020

Emma was born July 24, 1928 under the astrological sign of Leo. A lioness has died, and we are all diminished.   We remember Emma for her strength and rising up against many odds.  She was a remarkable woman of immense fortitude, enduring numerous challenges illuminating a complex personality.  Throughout her life, she embodied the very essence of a woman with a profound sense of self-worth and dignity.  An intelligent woman, quick-witted, fun loving and well-travelled. Emma was born in Jamshedpur,…

About AwaaZ

Awaaz is a magazine published tri-annually out of Nairobi, Kenya. It aims to provide a broad platform for debate and reflection on issues of both contemporary and historical interest. What started off in 2002 as a focus on the role of the South Asian community in the historical, political and socio-economic spheres of Kenya; has now broadened to cover the larger debates on diversity, democracy, human rights and social justice. The magazine also critically examines the role of minorities both as communities in Kenya and East Africa; as well as a concept of human rights in a society be they ethnic, racial, gender based, sexual or political.

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