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What the horrible death of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis in May 2020 unleashed, in its immediate aftermath, was a chain of reactions across the globe under the generic banner of Black Lives Matter (BLM). There were mass demonstrations to express outrage at the manner of his killing and sympathy and solidarity with the African-American cause.  They are still continuing, off and on, and in some countries have morphed into their own local variations, such as the fight for caste equality in India.  Here in Britain the BLM has been embraced with unstinted vigour by…

Letters to Editors

In Defence of Kofi Annan by Ramnik Shah Dear Editors I found Karim Hirji`s critique (in Issue 3 of 2019) of Kofi Annan`s obituary (`FootSTEPS`, Volume 15, Issue 2, 2018) to be rather unfair and overly stated.  He was reacting to what he saw as a superficial and one-sided portrayal of Annan`s record in your piece.  That is a matter of judgment, but has to be based on sound evidence. Traditionally, obituaries do not focus on the misdeeds and foibles of their subjects, though of course it is perfectly legitimate to mention or raise questions about them if the context so…

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Keepers of The Faith

Author: Shaukat AjmeriPubl: Mawenzi House Publishers This is one of those novels which you start reading and cannot put down. It has a story line and a plot, it has love and passion, it has scenic descriptions of actual geographic areas and…

In Coming Out as Dalit

Author: Yashica DuttPubl: Aleph Book Co. Book Blurb Dalit student Rohith Vemula’s tragic suicide in January of 2016 started many charged conversations around caste-based discrimination in universities in India. For Yashica Dutt, a journalist…

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Awaaz is a magazine published tri-annually out of Nairobi, Kenya. It aims to provide a broad platform for debate and reflection on issues of both contemporary and historical interest. What started off in 2002 as a focus on the role of the South Asian community in the historical, political and socio-economic spheres of Kenya; has now broadened to cover the larger debates on diversity, democracy, human rights and social justice. The magazine also critically examines the role of minorities both as communities in Kenya and East Africa; as well as a concept of human rights in a society be they ethnic, racial, gender based, sexual or political.

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