London Calling This is normally the time of the year when one looks back to what it has been like and considers what may lie ahead. The present however inevitably dominates our thoughts and concerns. Right now, there can be no doubt that what is gripping our attention is the dire situation in Gaza. The surprise attack on Israel by Hamas on 7 October 2023 has triggered a massive retaliation by the Israelis that is widely seen as disproportionate in terms of its scale and impact. Most readers of this magazine will already have formed an opinion on the long running Israel-Palestine saga and its latest manifestation that is still ongoing.  It has been the subject of extensive debate and coverage in the media, online forums, academic and legal articles, exchanges and conversations in private and public. Why am I even bothering to write about it, because by the time this is read it will have been overtaken by other news and events? The reason is I want to put on record what is…


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