Volume 17, Issue 1, 2020

Samir Amin intro

SAMIR AMIN was born in Cairo as son of an Egyptian father and a French mother (both medical doctors). He spent his childhood and youth in Port Said, where he attended a French High School and obtained a Baccalauréat (1947). He studied in Paris (1947–1957) with degrees in political science (1952), statistics (1956) and economics (1957). His PhD thesis (1957) was on: The origins of underdevelopment – capitalist accumulation on a world scale but retitled: The structural effects of the international integration of precapitalist economies. A theoretical study of the mechanism which creates so-called underdeveloped economies. He worked in Cairo (1957–1960) for the government’s ‘Institution for Economic Management’. He was an adviser…


So Covid-19 is here amongst us – a lifeless entity invisible to the human eye has brought our world to a stop! Revolutionary almost! The cover story of this issue is celebrating one of Africa’s most renowned revolutionary thinkers and activists: Prof Samir Amin who passed away on 12 August 2018. Amin devoted his life to the study of global capitalism and wrote extensively urging us to refuse the dictatorship of money, to rebuild and extend democracy, to de-link from Euro-centric policies and adopt an overall strategy of ‘self-reliance’, to globalize social struggles … and so much more. We hope that readers will glean some valuable knowledge and insights from this selection of his writings and the reflections. In March this year we…


tribute to mohinder

Memories and Tributes to Mo (Sir Mohinder Dhillon)

Sir Mohinder Dhillon, ‘Mo’ to his friends, was a remarkable Kenyan. From an unschooled village lad in the Punjab, India, to becoming a world-famous frontline news cameraman; his life story is the stuff of legends. Official photographer to Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia; a near fatal helicopter crash on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro; coverage of the horrific Ethiopian Famine 1984-86; a bone-chilling escape from a firing squad in the Congo; filming Africa’s bruising independence struggles and war situations in Vietnam, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan; dining with Charlie Chaplin; a bizarre…

Special Feature

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Book & Film Reviews

Insurgent Empire

Author: Priyamvada GopalPubl: Verso This book is a very important contribution to the history of anti-imperialism and racism in the UK. Priyamvada Gopal first tells the stories of several white colonialists who, as a result of the brutality…

Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined

Author: JJ BolaPubl: Pluto Press This incredibly enjoyable book utterly destroys the myths around masculinity and is a great read for younger men told to ‘man up’, ‘stop being such a wimp’ and so on. There has been a significant rise of books…

The Windrush Betrayal

Author: Amelia GentlemanPubl: Faber & Faber This book is a searing account of the effects of Tory immigration policy, introduced with the support of their LibDem partners, and designed to make it impossible for irregular migrants to…

Mau Mau Interrogator

Author: Ken LeesPubl: Skyscraper The 1950s Mau Mau war in Kenya was one of the bloodiest of the conflicts that ended the British Empire. The colonial authorities won, but the cost was too heavy to keep holding on. Still, the colonialists’…

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