This moment feels like the name of Naomi Klein’s book, ‘This changes everything’. The murder of George Floyd triggered off a worldwide protest movement from the US to India and UK to South Africa. The moment released a torrent of pent up anger and frustration under the #BlackLivesMatter by people right across the world who localised their oppressions not only on Race but also on Class and Caste. The environment has also come under focus again.

‘Birth of a Great Rebellion’, ‘The Anger Explodes’ are just two of the very many headlines which have captured the phenomenal rise and spread of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We have seen unimaginable scenes of police officers and entire sporting teams take the knee; of disquiet in the US Army about shooting at their own people; and humans of all colours, creeds and  genders take up the clarion message of BLM. Thousand upon thousand protesters are marching all over the world and demanding justice – not only for the victims of racism; but for themselves too. A new awareness has sprouted, a radical change has taken place and there is no going back to a ‘normal’. Our Cover Story on Race, Class and Caste highlights some of the global fissures which have been exposed, and will have to be attended to in the years ahead.

One of Mombasa’s iconic establishments, the Kilindini Bar, is alas! fated for demolition and Yash Tandon warns about the pitfalls of the US-FTA for Kenya. We mourn, amongst others, the passing of two Tanzanian stalwarts: Benjamin Mkapa and Anar Kassam and veteran Panafricanist Wamba dia Wamba from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We all anxiously await the passing of Covid-19. Meanwhile, dear Reader Stay Safe and Stay Well. Happy Reading!