‘Women in the Pandemic’ is our cover story for this issue which focusses on Women. It is globally accepted that women are bearing the worst brunt as the Covid-19 virus continues to ravage humanity. We have selected a few incidents to highlight the real life situations in our part of the world but we are also gratified that amidst the despondency, we found truly inspiring stories of women leaders and organisers stepping out to conquer the adversity. It is an accepted fact that there has been a lower number of Covid-19 deaths in female-led nations and this has been attributed to women’s ‘empathetic and decisive’ styles of communication and the reality that ‘they react more quickly and decisively’. Some writers have given readers the figures and statistics of the spread of Covid-19 in Africa.

Portraits of some famous women, local and international; and a variety of book and film reviews are included. We could not turn a blind eye to the unfolding tragedy in Myanmar where its citizens, especially the youth, have stood up to the brutal military regime to demand their democratic rights. Do so many have to die in the struggle for freedom?

The Editors
Zahid Rajan and Zarina Patel