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Alamin Mazrui
Willy Mutunga
Martha Karua
Prof Abdilatif Abdalla
Shadrack Gutto Prof,Director & Chair of Centre for African Renaissance Studies @ UNISA 20/08/07.pix Robert Tshabalala
Oloo Aringo, Wangari, James Orengo
Onyango Oloo
Rumba KInuthia
UCI distinguished professor of comparative literature Ngugi wa Thiong’o photo: Steve Zylius/UCI
Chelagat Mutai
Koigi and Sifuna arrested and brought to court
Pius Nyamora
Mirugi Kariuki
Peter Kariethi
Pheroze Nowrojee
Philip Gachoka
Kenneth Matiba
June 16, 1982 University of Nairobi lecturer David Mukaru Ng’ang’a is picked by police from a bar in Thika.
Salim Lone, Journalist His troubles under the Daniel arap Moi regime worsened to the point where he fled to the US to avoid arrest in June 1982, His citizenship was subsequently revoked by President Moi for “disloyalty” to Kenya, but restored in 1993.
Mwandawiro Mghanga: On February 10, 1985, University of Nairobi student leader Mwandawiro Mghanga inspected a guard of honour mounted by students. Alongside five other students, he was charged with convening and attending an illegal meeting and jailed for one year.
Paul Muite: In March 1990, Muite, a lawyer who has been highly critical of the government, was elected as chair of the LSK and immediately called for the repeal of Section 2a of the Constitution. He was arrested at a banned rally at Kamukunji in November of the same year.
Ngotho Kariuki: The Mutugi 4: Prof Isaiah Ngotho Kariuki, Former Dean, Faculty of Commerce, UON Perceived by President Daniel arap Moi as the brains behind Mwakenya, a Swahili acronym for Patriotic Union of Nationalists to Liberate Kenya. Sentenced to 7 years behind bars
Martin Shikuku: Martin Shikuku “I have never been to any university, but no university in the world has a department called Faculty of Experience
Koigi wa Wamwere: August 12, 1982: Nakuru North MP Koigi wa Wamwere and University of Nairobi lecturer Willy Mutunga are detained. Koigi was among the ‘Six Bearded Sisters’ group.
Masinde Muliro: In 1975, Muliro was the only minister to vote against the government over the murder of JM Kariuki. He was a prominent member of Ford and even announced his candidature for president in 1992 before he collapsed and died at JKIA
Bedan Mbugua – Journalist and Magazine Editor Mr Mbugua lost his job as Editor in Chief of Beyond magazine, which in 1988 had highlighted massive election rigging. He was arrested again in 1994 while while at People Daily for highlighting interference in a court case.
Charles Rubia was elected the first black mayor of Nairobi in 1962 & was a second liberation hero alongside Kenneth Matiba. Rubia was arrested twice and illegally confined during the Nyayo era. And during the detention, he suffered poor health and his family was devastated
Professor Micere: Mugo She was the Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Nairobi. By 1982, she had authored several books, including The Trial of Dedan Kimathi written with Ngugi wa Thiong’o. Got into trouble for having an independent mind. She fled into exile in the US.
Fr John Kaiser: Father John Anthony Kaiser He died on 24 August 2000, five months after he was awarded the Law Society of Kenya annual Human Rights Award for being “a study in courage, determination and sacrifice on behalf of the weak, oppressed and downtrodden.”
Bishop Alexander Kipsang Muge: Muge, who is remembered for being an ardent critic of bad governance and champion of justice, died in unclear circumstances on the Eldoret-Busia highway in 1990.
Gitobu Imanyara Mr Gitobu Imanyara is led to the court cells after being charged with incitement on July 25, 1990.
Gibson Kamau Kuria: was once detained in a maximum-security prison for nearly a year. His crime? Representing and defending Wanyiri Kihoro, a former political prisoner who himself had been detained and abused in a torture chamber.
Professor Katama Mukangi sociologist …and one of the people behind underground publications Mwakenya, Mpatanishi and Mzalendo was arrested and detained by the Moi regime
Anyona: The Mutugi 4: George Anyona Along with others he, were arrested at a Nairobi bar in 1990 and charged with sedition. …the court declared them guilty of plotting to overthrow the government and being in possession of seditious publications. They were jailed for seven years.
Edward Oyugi: 11/ The Mutugi 4: Prof Edward Oyugi July 11, 1990 at Mutugi’s Bar in a Nairobi suburb for holding an unlawful meeting aimed at overthrowing the government and for possessing seditious publications. They were later sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.
Kathangu: The Mutugi 4: Njeru Kathangu “I was put in prison from 1976 – 1980 because of questioning the murders of JM Kariuki. As a captain in the air force, I refused to suppress rioters who were demanding to know the murderers and whereabouts of JM Kariuki.”
Robert Ouko Former US Ambassador Smith Hempstone, claimed in his book that Mr Moi allegedly witnessed the murder of the then foreign minister Robert Ouko, in February, 1990. Mr Hempstone wrote: “Moi is said to have personally beaten Ouko
Titus Adungosi Was imprisoned for 10 years on sedition charges today, becoming the first civilian convicted in connection with the 1982 coup attempt. Titus Adungosi Oloo, was found guilty of demonstrating in support of air force rebels who seized several areas of the capital
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