Puppetry: Furaha Community Center Primary School

Samosa Festival – April Newsletter Huruma


On 18th April 2023, Nzumari Africa took the Samosa Festival to Furaha Community Center Primary School in Huruma where they engage approximately 80 pupils and 3 teachers in a puppetry performance and discussion on Education, Adolescents Sexual Reproduction Health and Rights and Life skills.

Synopsis of the performance

Nina Slippers is a smart student in Junior Secondary School. She is chased away for lack of school fees. Her classmates advices her either to quit school or to go to a nearby church and seek assistance. At the church, the pastor starts to touch her inappropriately and demands sexual favor from Nina Slippers for his assistance.

Question to pupils

If Nina Slippers was your friend, what advice would you give her?

Answers from Pupils

  1. Nina shouldn’t quit school
  2. Nina should scream and call for help
  3. Children should know what inappropriate touch is and report anyone who touches them inappropriately to their parents/ teachers.
  4. Like we saw in the performance, there are people, like pastors, we assume we should trust but not all of them have our best interest. We should be careful of people and we should leave immediately if they make us feel uncomfortable and report them to our guardians.

Teacher’s input

Raising children is a communal responsibility. Children should be taught how to watch out for people in the community who are out to harm them. It is important for pupils to continue with their education because that gives them the best chance for success in their lives.

Head teacher’s feedback

Is it possible to also bring this message to parents and teachers? Parents and teachers need some engagements especially on mental health and also good parenting skills. We have done a lot with parents through our outreach program; however I think getting people from other organizations would bring in new messaging and new perspectives to the discussions on issues of great importance to our school and community.

Children especially those transitioning to secondary schools should be taught about sexuality and especially on the LGBTQ because they are being introduced to such lifestyles in boarding schools. It is important to engage these students so that they are mentally prepared and have the necessary life skills to weather this period of puberty in their lives.

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