Dorphanage: Mwariama

Date: 7th, October 2023
Time: 5pm-9pm

We live in a world mauled with layers and layers of dysfunction – from the nuclear unit to the global stage our world is a mess to say the least. A huge part of this stems from our insistence on living lies and pretending it is well. However the growing inequality, climate change, mental health issues and the instability even within our family set-ups tell a much bleak story. We cannot stay silent about our hardships and pretend they’ll just go away, we have to use our voices to be and to bring the change. “Mwariama” is a poetry concept showcase by Dorphanage that will incorporate various other artistic disciplines seeking to not just spark honest conversations on the state of our world but also to amplify voices of truth. The event also doubles up in paying homage to Field Marshal Musa Mwariama, the highest ranking MauMau leader who survived the war without being killed or captured. Mwariama in Kimeru means “Truthteller”.

As the youth we are the most impacted by this dysfunction within our world. We find ourselves on the receiving end of its implications more than any other group of people. We are forced to do catch-up and come up with solutions to problems we were born into and a huge part of this means acknowledging that there are problems in order to face them. In this effect “Mwariama” will be a showcase of majorly young people for young people taking a deeper dive into the truth of our reality in a quest to not just be heard but being involved in shaping our future. It is an encouragement to break the silence and a rallying call to action, if there is to be any change it’s up to us to stand and be counted. We have to be voices of reason and the change itself.

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