Puppetry: Ndurarua Primary School


On 20th September 2023, Nzumari Africa took the Samosa Festival to Ndurarua Secondary School in Kawangware where they engage approximately 80 pupils and 6 teachers in a puppetry performance and discussion on Adolescents Sexual Reproduction Health and Rights and Life skills.

Synopsis of the performance

Nina is a student in a secondary school. She has a boyfriend and also is in a relationship with an older man. She engages in risky sexual relationships. She becomes expectant and also was infected with an STI. She becomes frustrated and tries to consult with Sololo his boyfriend. Sololo becomes angry and violent to Nina.

Question to pupils

What did you learn from the performance/ what message were they trying to drive?

  1. Having multiple sexual relationships is a risk factor for contracting HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy.
  2. Abstinence is key in preventing HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy.
  3. Transactional sex is not healthy for relationships.
  4. We should have healthy relationships with our peers.

What would you have done better if you were in Nina’s and Sololo’s situation?

  1. I would have gone to a health facility to be treated for Sexually Transmitted Infection.
  2. I would have apologized to Sololo.
  3. I would have talked to my teacher about my current situation now that am expectant.

What are some of the effects of such situations?

  1. School drop out.
  2. Early/ forced marriage.
  3. Contracting HIV/ STIs infection.
  4. Stigma and discrimination from the community/friends.
  5. Drug Abuse
  6. Abusive relationships

From the performance what factors contributed to what resulted to Nina?

  1. Peer pressure, Nina wanted to have more than Sololo could afford to appear classy.
  2. Inadequate information that could have assisted in making the right decision.
  3. Multiple sexual relationships.
  4. Lack of priority; not focused in education.

What would you do to ensure that your are at risk of contacting HIV, STI or unplanned pregnancy?

  1. Concentrate on Education, School is current priority.
  2. Abstinence
  3. Participate in sports during our leisure activities.
  4. Build healthy relationships.
  5.  Avoid multiple sexual relationships.


  1. The message was so impactful since it gave the pupils the right information in regards to relationships, how to prevent HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy.
  2. The teachers supported the process, they were so happy and recommended for another session.
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